CENTAUR Attends the Be-Resilient Regional Forum in South Africa 

Last week, we participated in the Be-Resilient Regional Forum, hosted by the UNESCO Regional Office for Southern Africa in Cape Town. 

The Forum aimed to promote knowledge sharing and strategies for improving community resilience in the region, with a particular focus on climate resilience strategies.  

The region has been affected by severe episodes of both floods and droughts. The Forum provided an important platform to address these challenges and explore innovative solutions. 

We presented CENTAUR as a potential solution to strengthen preparedness for two critical challenges: droughts and floods. The presentation provided an exciting opportunity to demonstrate how we can play a key role in improving situational awareness and early warning for urban floods and food and water insecurity. 

A key finding was that these types of tools are often unfamiliar to practitioners on-the-ground and the communities they serve. This knowledge gap indicates the need for targeted strategies to ensure these stakeholders can fully benefit from such tools. Bridging this gap is a crucial task for CENTAUR. 

Presentation of the CENTAUR project at the Be-Resilient Regional Forum in Cape Town, South Africa, 1-3 November 2023 

You can find the poster we presented here

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