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Water & Food Insecurity in Mali

Mali, situated in the climate-vulnerable Sahel, faces periodic water deficits and erratic precipitation. Climatic trends and extreme weather events further strain communal relations, deepen poverty, and undermine rural livelihoods. Moreover, tensions between farmers and herders are magnified as a consequence of the activity of extremist groups and militias. Mali’s situation provides insights which might be useful for understanding broader climate security trends in the Sahel region.

Indicators to be tested:

  • Meteorological drought indicator (Monitoring)
  • Meteorological drought indicator (Forecast)
  • Meteorological drought indicator (calibrated in danger levels)
  • Agricultural drought monitoring (near real-time)
  • Agricultural drought forecast
  • Risk zone map
  • People movement indicator
  • Food security
  • Economic security
  • Displaced persons
  • Crime and illicit activities
  • Radicalisation and polarisation
  • Humanitarian aid
  • Resource capture
  • Climate sensitivity of agri-food systems
  • Public services and infrastructures
  • State-citizen relations
  • Dispute resolution mechanisms
  • Social cohesion and trust
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