CENTAUR attends the 5th Global Food Security Conference 

Last week, we participated in the 5th Global Food Security Conference in Leuven, Belgium, where experts gathered to discuss food systems challenges with a focus on sustainability, resilience, and equity. 

We had the opportunity to present CENTAUR at the poster session and share insights into our project objectives, highlighting our work on the development of an agricultural drought risk indicator. This indicator will be tested within the Mali, Mozambique, and Somalia use cases to help refine our models and validate its effectiveness in strengthening early warning capacities related to food insecurity. 

The conference provided a platform to network with fellow researchers. Discussions centred on the practical implications and real-world applications of our research innovations within the landscape of food security. 

Overall, the event was successful, with attendees showing genuine interest in our project and its potential impact on global food security efforts. 

A member of our team presenting CENTAUR at the poster session during the 5th Global Food Security Conference on 10 April 2024

View the poster presented here

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