CENTAUR Project Deliverable Update #5: Use Cases & Indexes Definition and Service Pipelines 

This month, we have successfully submitted two deliverables: 

  1. Report on CENTAUR use cases and Indexes Definition 
  1. Urban Flood and Water & Food Insecurity Service Pipelines v1 (baseline setup) 

Report on CENTAUR Use Cases and Indexes Definition 

This deliverable, developed within the activities of Work Package 1, provides information on the analysis of requirements and use case definition within the project. 

It covers key aspects such as: 

  • Design of Composite Indexes: This section describes the definition and design of advanced composite indexes tailored to urban flooding (UF) and water and food security (WFS) monitoring in response to end-user needs. 
  • End-User Needs Evaluation: The document assesses the alignment between the proposed development plan and the specific needs of end-users.  
  • Conceptual Models for UF and WFS: This section presents conceptual models for UF and WFS tracks, outlining the expected data services and their combination to create composite indicators and indexes for global monitoring and alerting triggering.  
  • Use Case Selection: This explores the rationale behind the selection of use cases for UF and WFS, taking into account factors such as end-user feedback, contextual relevance and data availability. It highlights CENTAUR’s ability to shift focus between cold and hot cases based on emerging crises. 
  • Holistic Cross-Cutting Analysis: This demonstrates CENTAUR’s adaptability by integrating UF and WFS concerns into a comprehensive demonstrator, bridging the gap between the two domains. 

The document forms the basis for subsequent work, emphasising the importance of designing advanced indexes, aligning use cases with the Copernicus Emergency Management Service and Copernicus Security Service – Support to EU External and Security Actions end users, and conducting a cross-cutting analysis of urban flood and water and food insecurity tracks. Seven use cases have been identified, including a cross-cutting case, which will form the basis for testing and refining CENTAUR’s methods. 

 Urban Flood and Water & Food Insecurity Service Pipelines v1 (baseline setup) 

This deliverable, which falls under Work Package 2 (Thematic Product Engineering), focuses on establishing the baseline for the urban flooding and water and food insecurity service pipelines. The aim is to develop indicators related to social, economic, political, and urban flooding and water and food insecurity.  

The document includes a summary of the CENTAUR product demonstration, an overview of processing chains, the CENTAUR platform architecture, and preliminary examples. It also provides a demonstration of CENTAUR products, technical specifications and visual representations of processing chains. 

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